Thursday, September 01, 2005

Midterm Preliminary Outline

Thor Hahn

Theory I


August 30, 2005

Preliminary/Draft Outline________

I. Introduction/Background

A. Early Life/Education

B. Design Influences/Mentor(s)

C. His place within larger movements

II. Design

A. Context/Contrast with that context

B. Inspiration/Conceptual “starting points”

C. Collaboration with his wife

III. Survey of his designs

A. Original projects

B. Renovations/Interiors

C. Furniture

D. Paintings

IV. Later life and legacy

A. His influence on later architects


V. Conclusions

Sources Found (so far)___________

Mackintosh Architecture: The Complete Buildings and Selected Projects, Edited by Jackie Cooper, published 1984 by Academy Editions, London/New York

Mackintosh’s Masterwork: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow School of Art, William Buchanan et al., published 1989 by Chronicle Books, San Francisco

Architectural Sketches and Flower Drawings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Roger Bilcliffe, published 1977 by Rizzoli, New York

I have ordered three more books on Mackintosh…they are:

Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Alan Crawford

Art Nouveau: From Mackintosh to Liberty by Victor Arwas

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Architectural Papers by C.R. Mackintosh


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